Dealing With Pests When Growing Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes might appear to be very simple, especially for the ones who have not grown them yet. However, this is not the truth. Growing tomatoes is not only about sowing seeds, sprinkling water, offering some sunshine and then seeing the plants grow. There are several stages that you need to go through for getting healthy tomato plants. When the tomato plants begin to grow, it is great fun watching them getting bigger day by day with the yellow flowers transforming into tomatoes. They appear healthy and strong and you might even start congratulating yourself for this good job. Tomato plant issues might be completely out of your mind during this time. It is during mid summer that you can see different bad things happening to the tomato plants. The pests are generally a major concern for the tomato plants causing dead leaves. Even aphids found at the back of the leaves are dangerous along with the green ugly caterpillars.

The Problem of Dead Leaves

Dead leaves generally start right from the bottom of the tomato plants and move up across the plants. Cutting off the dead leaves can help you in keeping away from this problem for some time. The dead leaves do not hamper the growth of the tomato plants. However, as time passes by and the season’s progress, this problem might get worse and different types of diseases might take over the tomato plants. There are bugs coming from the ground going straight up within the stem. Bugs are very difficult to deal with once they start taking over the plant. Gardeners can use certain preventative measures and tips that can help them in doing away with this problem. One such tip includes placing a plastic cup in the ground around the stem of the plant.