Tomatoes And Vegetable Gardens

When people usually think about Chicago, they don’t think of vegetable gardens. We want to change that. We want to modify the mass consciousness that you can only grow gardens in better year-round climates that are in more rural areas. Every house and apartment can have an organic garden.

Not only can every person grow a small garden, everyone absolutely should be growing a garden.

Not only is it important to be more connected with the earth, but if every person starts taking responsibility for a small portion of their food, we can divert a major disaster.

The path we are currently on is a very dangerous one. Very few people understand how important it is to take control of our food sources.

What would happen tomorrow if all the grocery stores shut down?

Would you be prepared? I don’t want to be doom and gloom; I just want to have you start thinking about it so you can start taking action now to make the world a better place one vegetable at a time.

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